Api Monogram License Agreement

8 Apr

The API monogram is a certification sign registered by the API. The Monogram API program allows licensed manufacturers to apply the brand to devices that meet API product specifications and are manufactured in a spec Q1-compliant quality management system. Advisory #9: Recognition and Authority of Published Standards Registered organizations have a QMS that monitors all business processes, delivers consistent results, effectively manages changes, continuously improves operational downtime, reduces operating downtime and improves customer satisfaction. Before applying for a monogram API license, you must first: API Spec Q2 is the first standard international quality management system (QMS) for exploration and production service providers that use the oil and gas industry. The industry specification applies to critical activities such as construction, intervention, production, demolition, well maintenance, equipment repair and maintenance and inspection. Registered API Spec Q1 companies show their customers that they are able to provide products and manufacturing processes that meet customer requirements and legislation. After registration and as long as the registered organization continues to work in accordance with its registered management system, the registered organization is authorized to use the APIQR and ANAB marks and/or the Registration Sign of the Spec Q1 API. The brand`s artworks of different sizes are available for registered organizations. Spec Q1 API limits the sections of the standard applicable to exclusion (see Q1 API specification). To justify these exclusions, the applicant or the organization granted must provide a written justification for the exclusion or exclusions and indicate exclusion in the quality manual.

API Spec Q1 is a quality management standard for product manufacturers and specifically targets the nuances of the oil and gas industry. API Spec Q1 meets many ISO 9001 requirements as well as other elements considered valuable by the oil and gas industry. Apply for 18LCM if your organization provides lifecycle management services for equipment used in upstream activities (exploration and production). Your organization is recognized as having to manage devices as part of a lifecycle management system that meets a leading industry standard. API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program that facilitates the consistent manufacture of products that meet applicable API specifications.

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