Sierra Leone Peace Agreement

17 Dec

“The National Social Action Commission (NaCSA), the institution responsible for reparations for refugees, has experienced a slow pace with the programme due to the delay in accessing the 3USMs allocated to them. This amount was provided by the Peacebuilding Commission to expedite the reparation process in Sierra Leone. » 1 7. Recommendations are made to the President of Sierra Leone to improve or amend appropriate measures. It also draws the President`s attention to the shortcomings of the structures in the performance of their assigned duties. The granting of a general amnesty has been the subject of much criticism. The United Nations, the guarantor of the Agreement, signed the Agreement on the express condition that the United Nations consider that the amnesty and pardon under Article IX of the Agreement does not apply to crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other serious violations of international humanitarian law. 2 In January 2001, “the Peacebuilding Commission, led by former AFRC-Junta force Johnny Paul Koroma, organized a three-day youth symposium at the RUF headquarters in Makeni. The symposium held jointly with the National Forum for Reconciliation, On 22 October 1999, the CCP adopted a resolution (S/RES/1270) authorizing the deployment of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), which extended the role of observer and verification of the United Nations to a role of peace. The resolution then ended the observation mission. UNAMSIL had an authorized capability, “with a maximum of 6,000 military personnel, including 260 military observers, to assist the government and the parties in implementing the provisions of the Lomé Peace Agreement.

At the same time, the Council decided to end UNAMSIL. 2 A RUF team led by the President of the People`s War Council, Soloman Y.B. Rogers returned to Sierra Leone to seek the support of the rebel commando. Bockarie pushed for more seats, but withdrew after the intervention of Charles Taylor.

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