Civil Disagreement Examples

5 Dec

As social creatures, people must move into a world filled with others, each with its own needs, interests and temperamental characteristics. Even if they do not recognize it, these people are not just our neighbours. They are our collaborators in the big project to make the company work. The goods, services and knowledge that others create (and to which we in turn contribute) is a delicate dance of countless human interactions and conversations that are mutually beneficial to us. The norms of civil discourse are transport laws, which help to avoid as many involuntary social accumulations as possible. Civility is the oil of machines that runs the aisles of society. If civil discourse is called for, it aims to protect the citizen project – peaceful coexistence within civil society. It is courtesy in the context of civitas, the social glue that brings citizens together in one community. In countries such as the United States, with representative government and a franchise that encompasses all adult citizens, what might otherwise be considered a mere act of incivility jeopardizes the deliberative ideal on which the people`s government rests. Can we agree to accept a disagreement in today`s political and social climate? Is it possible if we look at our ideologies and our points of view? As for Up with People, we certainly think it is possible to be respectful with others who share different points of view.

This month, Up with People is proud to announce that we are working with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to provide a “Revive Civility” class for high school and university students. Guided by members of Up with People-Cast, students will spend these classes in small group discussions and listen beyond differences to gain understanding. The class gives active hearing skills and the opportunity to engage in a conversation with someone with whom you disagree and in a respectful and civil way. Fortunately, there are “good practices” that we can all follow for a more civil conversation. Let us explore these valuable tools below… If you don`t agree with your boss, there are some things you can and should do to make sure the situation doesn`t become unbearable. Fifteen Forbes Coaches Council experts review the best steps an employee can take to keep the peace in the workplace, even if they disagree with a supervisor. Civil discourse is not a polite conversation that tightens its pearls, horrified by the acuity. Civil discourse is a conversation with a serious purpose. It`s a conversation that seeks to find a common chance, not a conflict.

It is a conversation that aims to break down barriers, not build new ones. It is a conversation that, instead of being paralyzed by our disagreements, uses it to advance creative solutions and alternatives.

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